2016 PSUG ME Conference

The 2016 PSUG ME conference was organized by the PSUG Asia team and held from January 12-14 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Attendees from 6 different schools were present. Sessions were taught by Arlette Pimentel (Shanghai American School), Sheldon Wai (Yew Chung International School), Jason Springel (PowerSchool Group LLC), and Romy Backus (American School of Dubai). In addition to formal sessions, attendees were also able to work collaboratively and have their questions answered by the experts at one-on-one time.

Thank you very much to PSUG Asia and the presenters for all the work that went into the planning and organization of this event!

Romy’s materials
GPA Session
End-Of-Year Guide
Sunday Enter Attendance Fragment

PowerSource links to Jason’s materials
What’s New in 9.2
Enhanced GPA Methods Screens

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