About the Host School

About ACS

The mission of the American Community School of Amman is to inspire individuals to become self-motivated learners and compassionate citizens who demonstrate respect, act with integrity, and seek intellectual growth in a culture of high expectations.

Our location in the heart of the Middle East allows for an educational experience that our students are unlikely to experience elsewhere in the world. Jordan is home to Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and the Dead Sea, which is located at the lowest point on earth, giving our students the unique opportunity to live and learn in a country steeped in history and tradition.

What started as a school for American residents in Amman dated back in 1955, became a melting pot of international students from over 40 countries. These students bring with them their unique traditions and cultural experiences, giving our students a global perspective on life.

The American Community School of Amman, Jordan, is a U.S. accredited, independent, non-profit, Early Year Program through grade 12 school that offers a rigorous U.S. curriculum with an international and regional focus to a diverse, multi-cultural population distinguished by a supportive and cohesive community.

Khuloud Hajjiri Assaf

Khuloud is the Director of Student Information Services at the American Community School. She has been the PowerSchool Administrator since 2010 when it was first initiated at the school.  She is responsible for training the staff and teachers at ACS. Khuloud has extensive experience in scheduling, training and standards. She has attended almost every PSUG MEA conference and presented at PSUG 2019 in Beirut.