Session Catalog

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What’s New in PowerSchool 22.x & Future Roadmap

Intro to PowerSchool – Part 1

Intro to PowerSchool – Part 2

Student Contacts Deep Dive

Importing and Exporting – Part 1

Importing and Exporting – Part 2

Final Grades: Pieces of the Puzzle

EOY/SOY Process

Standards Setup and Implementation

Managing Standardized Test Scores

GPA Overview & Troubleshooting

PowerTeacher Pro Q & A

Unified Account Management at ACS – OIDC with Google SSO, Active Directory and Gmail, Unified Password Reset


Introduction to Customization

Must-Have Customizations

Coding Basics in PowerSchool

Beginner SQL

Intermediate SQL

Advanced SQL


The Power of PowerQuery DATs

Getting Started with the PowerSchool API

Customization: Putting it All Together


Scheduling (Prepare to Build/Load) – 2 day workshop

Course Prerequisites, Teacher Recommendations and Student Course Selection

Scheduling Lab


Schoology for System Administrators

Schoology and Grade Syncing with PS SIS

Schoology and Standards Based Grading

Schoology for Educational Leaders