Regional Topics

PowerSchool users in the Middle East encounter some unique challenges with using the system that are specific to our region of the world. This page serves as a resource for information about known issues and any solutions/workarounds related to those topics which could be useful to other Middle East/North African schools.

Enhancement Requests on PowerSource that are of particular interest to us are also listed – please vote them up! The more votes an ER has, the more likely it is that it will make it into the stock product.

If you have an idea or a contribution for this page, please email Romy to have it added.

Sunday-Thursday Attendance


When a user clicks on the Enter Attendance student page, only Monday to Friday are displayed. Since the workweek in Middle Eastern countries is Sunday-Thursday, this is not ideal.

Thanks to some well-known users in the PowerSchool community, Roger Sprik and Adam Larsen, there is a quick fix. Download this zip folder and unzip it. There will be two files – follow the instructions in readme.txt to install. Note that this fix only applies to clicking on the Enter Attendance link, and not on the week date ranges from the Attendance overview grid.

With regard to not being able to enter attendance on a Sunday which is the first day of school, it is a known issue outlined in KB Article 8614.