Presentations & Files

Standards Report Cards with Visual PST (Bob Cornacchioli)

Download file here

Once you have the license file:

1) Unzip the folder
2) Make sure you have the most recent version of the product from our website (or these steps won’t work)
3) If you are at the “Please register” window, click the “Register” button – and skip to step 6
4) Go to the “About [Product Name]” menu
5) Click “Edit license info”
6) Click “new” for either all users or current user
7) Click the “select” button next to “license file”
8) Choose the downloaded license
9) Click “Register”

Language Translation Toolkit (Romy Backus)


Standards Part 1 (Romy Backus)

Session Files

Care and Feeding of Customizations (Romy Backus)

Session Files

End of Year & Start of Year Process (Romy Backus)

Guide (PDF)

API & PowerQueries (Chris Walberg/intellimedia)

Session Materials

1.      API and PowerQuery Course materials and recorded session
2.      Advanced customization course – as it was mentioned and includes the internal PowerSchool customization example of API usage.   This also contains a recorded session from a previous presentation.

Roger’s Sessions (Customization)

Session Materials (credit to Adam Larsen for SQL presentation)